Culture companion

Do you find it difficult to attend a cultural event by yourself?

The culture companion operation is intended for everyone who finds it difficult to attend a cultural event, or who would prefer to attend an event accompanied by another person. A voluntary culture companion will accompany you to a cultural event, reserve tickets and assist or guide you to the venue, if necessary. Would you be interested in attending a cultural event with a culture companion? 

This is how it works:
1. Telephone 09 310 58237 (Mon-Thu 11–14). Note! Culture companions are on a summer break 24.6.–14.8.2016.

2. Mention the event you have chosen or request a proposal.

        Choose one of these events:

  • Jälleen soittaa Dallapé | la 19.9.2020 klo 19
  • Uusi Kipparikvartetti | su 20.9.2020 klo 15
  • UMO, Aija Puurtinen, Seppo Kantonen | la 10.10.2020 klo 19
  • Efrat Alony (IL) feat. UMO Helsinki | la 24.10.2020 klo 19
  • UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra: Greetings From New York | pe 30.10.2020 klo 19
  • The Great Voices: China Moses feat. UMO Helsinki | to 5.11.2020 klo 19
  • Karjalan Nuoret: Kansantanssikonsertti Syysriemua | su 8.11.2020 klo 14 & 18.30
  • Divet Show - 15-vuotisjuhlashow | pe-la 4.-5.12.2020 klo 20
  • The Great Voices: Ola Onabulé feat. UMO Helsinki | la 12.12.2020 klo 19
  • Kreivitär Mariza -operetti | su 17.1.2021 klo 14
  • Jarmon saarella 51 v. | su 21.3.2021 klo 18

 3. The companion will book the ticket and call you. You agree on where and when to meet.
 Enjoy the cultural experience!

Culture companions are volunteers trained by the city of Helsinki. Activity is intended for people over than 18 years old. Cultural Office organizes the activity together with the Department of Social Services and Health Care.
For more information, contact: