Technical features

General info

The Savoy Theatre Auditorium has 735 seats, 486 in the stalls and 249 on the balcony.

Stage sets and other furnishings

The porter will open the loading door next to the main entrance allowing easy access for bulky items directly onto the stage.
I strongly recommend that productions bringing exceptionally large equipment which need to be transported by a truck or lorry obtain a parking permit for spaces in front the loading doors from the Helsinki Public Works Department well in advance.
Parking permits and instructions are available here

Check-in and check-out times

The auditorium is at the production’s use for the agreed time.  If your timings changes, please notify the Savoy Theatre producer or production coordinator as soon as possible, so that we can be ready on site on your arrival.

The stage sets and props must be dismantled directly after the show unless otherwise agreed in advance.


Cultural producer

Sirpa Hynninen

tel. +358 (0)50 428 0365


Production Coordinator

Ilari Suonpää

tel. +358 (0)9 310 29930,

mobile +358 (0)40 334 1076


The stage

The stage is framed with black border fabric. The curtain is made of grey velvet and parts at the centre. The stage can be divided into half with black velvet traveler curtains. The curtains are operated electronically from the lighting booth or the stage. The stage floor is slightly sloping towards the audience, by 1.7 cm/m.

Lighting, sound and video control booths

The lighting control booth is located in the stalls in Box 5. The video control booth is next door in Box 4. The sound controls are placed in the stalls in front of the lighting controls.

Dressing rooms

The artists have six dressings rooms of different sizes in their use

Green room

The green room has a fridge, microwave, coffee maker and a kettle. Tableware is provided for 10 persons.

Toilets and showers

There are four toilets and two shower rooms backstage separate from the dressing rooms.

Technical features

The technicians at Savoy Theatre are happy to help you plan and run a successful event.

See detailed technical specifications are given in the attachments below.

Pyrotechnics, torches and fire effects

The group is responsible for ensuring that any effects used in the performance are safe and operated only by Class E chargeman licence holder or a person of 18 years or older assigned and supervised by the licence holder. All use of fire must be cleared with the technicians of Savoy Theatre well in advance.


If you wish to use confetti in your show, please notify us well in advance. The production is responsible for cleaning up the confetti or the cost for the cleaning.

We are providing for you use are

Concert grand
You can hire our STEINWAY & SONS D274 concert grand for your performance.

We have nine Bütec stage platforms. Sized 1 m x 2 m, which can be fitted with black skirting fabric.

In addition
30 music stands with lights
19 black upholstered chairs, no armrests
3 high bar stools
3 round small tables
16 folding tables (size?)

Wardrobe management

We have a washing machine, tumble dryer and a steam iron on premises. The event organiser is responsible for all wardrobe management.


You are welcome to organise merchandise sales in the lower foyer. We have tables sized 125 x 71 x 46 cm. Please ask to the porter to lay out the required number of tables.