Prices and payment methods

The ticket sales partner of the City of Helsinki Cultural Office changed to Lippupiste.

Most tickets are available at Some tickets are available at Ticketmaster.


Tickets for each event have a separate price indicated below the event. The price includes a service fee.

Terms of delivery

When you purchase your ticket directly from Savoy theatre, no booking fee is charged. In the online shop, a booking fee is added to the ticket price. All Lippupiste tickets are available for purchase at Savoy theatre in accordance with the Lippupiste terms of delivery.


Payment methods

Tickets can be paid with cash, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.


We welcome the following vouchers:
Smartum:  Liikunta- and kulttuuriseteli
Edenred: Virikeseteli, Edenred-card
Electronic: SamartumPay, Eazybreak

Gift cards

Lippupiste Gift Cards are available from our ticket office. The gift card can be made for the value of your choice. Customers can choose any value for the gift card when buying online. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and no change or refund is given. 

Customer information

The information enquired from a customer in connection with a ticket purchase is confidential. We need the information in order to inform the customer if the event is postponed or cancelled, for example.


Check out the seating layout in the Theatre Auditorium before buying your tickets.
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Culture companion

If you would need some assistance with mobility or for some other reason would appreciate company to a show, you can request for a volunteer culture companion to join you.